The LTC patient summary helps you manage your active and inactive LTC patients - appropriately

Are you CORRECTLY exiting patients who are no longer receiving LTC services from your pharmacy?

From Main menu, go to

  • 3. Reports
  • 4. Patient reports
  • 7. LTC patient summary
  • Tick Sort by Last dispensing date.

  • F12 Accept then view or print.

The report clearly identifies that these 3 patients did not have their exit dates set. The pharmacy will continue to be paid for these patients – until the Ministry implements the ‘must have been dispensed to within 120 days’ rule. Edit the patient and exit the patient (see article LTC - Exit Patient ).

Are your current LTC patients still getting Rxs?

From Main menu, run the LTC patient summary report (as above). The LTC service requires you to have ‘dispensed’ to LTC patients in the last 120 days

You may need to contact these patients and find out how they are and/or exit them from the service?

NB: If the patient is in an ARRC/CRC facility they MUST be exited from the LTC Service.