To view or select/edit existing orders:  2. Stock Control, 1. Orders, 2. Edit orders

When reviewing or editing your orders, there are several functions that can help with quick editing, search for types of orders and filtering orders for specific stores.

F4 Hide Credits

Removes New Credits and Credits from the list to reduce orders for review. 

Pressing again will add Credits back into list.

F5 Sort Suppl.

Sorts list (alphabetically A-Z) by supplier.
Pressing F5 Sort Suppl. again will reverse sort order (Z-A)

F6 Sort Status

Sort list (alphabetically) by status;  (Confirmed, Credit, New, New Credit, Sent).

Pressing F6 Sort Status again will reverse the order (Sent, New Credit, New, Credit, Confirmed)

F8 Select Last

Automatically reselects the last order you were editing/reviewing.

This is very handy if you have just confirmed an order, and now want to start editing it again, or ready to receive it in.

F9 Filter

This option is useful for multi-store customers who share the same database, and stores who manage orders for multiple stockpoints.

A new information line is displayed showing which order filter is currently applied. In the example screen sot above it shows "Order filter: Store = Toniq Pharmacy Ltd.". This means all the orders displayed belong to that specific store.

When pressed you are given a few different options.

1 Store: 

allows you to choose from a list of the available stores. Once a store is selected, only orders created for the selected store will be displayed.

2 Stockpoint: 

similar to above, you are given a list of available stockpoints (if multiple available), and once selected, only orders set to receive into that stockpoint will be displayed.

3 Show all orders: 

This will show all orders for all stockpoints or stores if selected. Handy for customers who manage orders for multiple stores connected to the same Toniq database.