You may need to stop a special, perhaps the wrong end date was entered, or your special was run until stock ran out. Below are steps to follow for ending your specials in bulk

From main menu:

  1. 2 Stock control, 3 Stock Maintenance, 1 Maintain products in bulk, F3 Add
  2. Choose criteria to select the appropriate products, (dept, grp etc)
  3. Tick Incl Hidden
  4. Optional: to select only products actually on special, F11 twice, in “On special at..” enter Todays date
  5. F12 [Accept details]

Once your list is up

  1. F6 Set Prices
  2. S Replicate special pricing
  3. Leave the field blank
  4. F12 Accept Details
  5. F12 [Accept Details] Yes

eShopLink Users; Stopping a special instore on your website

Follow steps 1 – 5 to select the products on Special that you want to stop. Instead of clearing the special, you will need to set the Finish date time shortly into the future.

  1. F6 Set Prices
  2. P Specials Menu
  3. A Finish date/time
  4. Enter a time approximately 10-15 minutes from now
  5. F12 Accept Details
  6. F12 Accept Details, Yes