When making changes to a Clients record (F2 Edit Client) it’s good practice to check that the address is correct.

From any field within the Client screen press F7 [Lookup Address].  This will look for matches in the New Zealand Post file*

If an exact match is found, select it.

If a ‘found nearby’ address is similar but not an exact match, choose the closest and press Enter. What you have typed already (ie the street number) will be retained and the remainder of the details tidied.

You will now be taken to the E-mail address field, ready for these details too.

*When inputting or searching flats or units the NZ Post file uses the / format, eg 1/20 Reef Street, so entry in this format will find you the quickest match.
The NZ Post Address file also includes PO Boxes and Private Bags. You need to include the words PO Box (no space between P and O) and the full box number to find your match.

When you press F12 [Accept Details] you will be prompted:

If you say Yes to the prompt you will be taken to a list of debtors and club cards linked to this client.

Use the arrow keys to move up and down through each of the cards/details to review them.

The Orange highlights indicate the fields that will be updated.

If you want all Clubs and the Debtor to be updated to the new details simply press F12.

If you do not want it update a particular record (eg you don’t want to change the debtor from the
current Postal address to a physical address) then highlight the Debtor record and press F8 [Set to
old] to retain the previous settings.

F12 [Accept Details] once you are happy with each record.

NB: If the Debtor is set to Don’t update Name and address the debtor will not appear in the list (refer  
Preventing accidental debtor changes)