Buy 2 from this range for $XYZ or
Buy 3 from that range and receive 20% off

This process is designed for when you want to special 2 or more products from a particular range for a particular price or discount, eg Buy any 2 items from the Dax Wax range for $20 or Buy 3 items from the Revlon range and receive 20% off.

  • From the main menu select 2.Stock Control, 3.Stock Maintenance then 1.Maintain Products in Bulk
  • Use an appropriate selection criteria to group together the products you require in your list (eg: to find all the L’Oreal Castings hair colours you could enter LOR under the On pricelist field and type the word ‘casting’ under the Description field  or  if you want to put all your Hair Colours department on special, recall this department using the Department field)
  • Press [F12] to Accept Details
  • If there are products appearing on the list which you don’t want to put on special either start this procedure again using different selection criteria or if there are only a few ‘extras’: 
    • Press [F2] to Edit the list, then [E] Edit List Item by Item 
    • Use the [up] and [down] arrow keys to highlight the desired item and press [F10] to Delete item (NB: this only deletes it from this list – not the database)
    • Once all the unwanted items have been removed press [F12] once to Accept Details
  • Now you need to set up the special pricing and parameters on one of the products in the list 
    • Press [F2] Edit List again, E [Edit item by item], then F2 [Edit Prod]
    • Take note of the PLU or product description for this item
    • F11 to the second page
    • Complete the Special Pricing fields required
      • Start and End dates
      • Quantity MUST BE 1
      • Then depending on special using ONE of the following:  
        • If a ‘Buy 2 (or 3 eg) for $XYZ special’ enter a Price/Item (price PER item) (ie type in half/third etc of the final sell price – so if ‘buy 2 for $20’ type $10 into this field)
        • If a ‘Buy 3 and receive ABC% off’ special enter the full percentage discount  (so if ‘buy 3 and receive 20% off,  type 20 into the Discount% field)  

o Tick the ‘Prompt for coupon’ box beside the Coupon Prompt

o In the Coupon Prompt type an appropriate note for staff  (eg “If the customer is buying TWO of the XYZ product range,            answer Y to this prompt”)

(In this example my products usually sell for $12.99 each, but if the customer buys 2 of any of the Dax Wax range they will get them for $10.00 each)

    • F11 back to 1st page and then F12 to accept
    • F12 again to return to the bulk edit list
  • Press [F6] to Set Prices then ‘S to replicate special pricing
  • Enter the PLU code of the product you have already setup on special (or type in the name, press Enter and select from the list) and press [Enter]  (The full Product name MUST be displayed before continuing)
  • Press [F12] to Accept Details
  • Press [F12] again to Accept Details and answer ‘Y’ for Yes

Now when any one of these items is scanned at POS, DURING the specials date range, staff will be prompted about whether the customer is purchasing two from this range and should answer the prompt accordingly (Y or N).  If they answer Y, Toniq will change the pricing accordingly.

For more Special setups & examples, refer to Stock Maintenance Manual – Specialling Products (found under windows Start Menu / (All) Programs / Toniq Manuals)