Do you have any RRP reprice-method items that could reprice to zero?

Not all price lists provide an RRP and some even have a mixture (some items with and some without RRPs provided). This means that there is the potential for the sell price to go to zero (when repriced) if items are set up incorrectly.

Finding 'potential zero reprice' items

  • 2 Stock Control
  • 3 Stock Maintenance
  • 1 Maintain Products in Bulk
  • Press Enter to see a list of pre-created reports. If not already available and you want to save this selection for future use (to avoid configuring each time) F3 [Add] then type a recognisable name into the ‘Criteria name’ field
  • Press space bar in the Reprice method field and select RRP
  • Tick the ‘No RRP’ box You can tick ‘Incl. Hidden” and/or ‘In Stock’ (may vary the resulting list)
  • F12 [Accept Details] to generate list

You will now have a list of products that would reprice to zero if a Reprice option was selected.

Fixing 'potential zero reprice' items

  • F3 [Sort]
  • Select 2 Dept /Alpha
  • F2 [Edit List], E [Edit List item by item], F2 [Edit product] and decide whether each product should: 
    • be set to a different re-price method – press space bar in the Reprice Method field or 
    • be set to update from another price list that does provide an RRP – F5 [Pricelists] to review and then selected in the STD pricelist field of the product.
      NB: you need to rerun the update for that pricelist for the new RRP to be added to the item
    • F12 [Accept Details]
  • When all items are complete F12 [Accept Details] twice and Y [Yes] to change all products