Are you looking for the answer to the following questions? :-

Which/how many items have you sold within last XX days?

Which of your sold items are currently “on order”?

Then the Product Performance Report is your go to report!

From the Main Menu:

  • 6 Reports, 1 Product reports, 1 Product performance
  • Press <spacebar> to see a list of existing reports to select or F3 [Add] to create a new one
  • Name: Give the report a name if you selected F3 [Add] that is easily recalled e.g. Items Sold & On Order
  • Optional: Select the required Department or Group by pressing the spacebar and then select the appropriate choice
  • Sold within (days) type in the number of days required
  • Optional: Tick “Include hidden”
  • F11 [Page 2] and tick “Items on order”
  • F11 [Page 1], F12 [Accept Details]
  • F9 [View Scrns] or F10 [View Pages] or F12 [Print]


SOO = Stock On Order

Cartia was sold in a last 2 days and currently is “on order”.

Australis was sold in a last 2 days and currently is not “on order”.

The Australis item PLU is too long to fit within the allocated space and therefore, is showing as  ******