In version 5.41, Toniq is now beginning to track the status of an item (i.e. where it is in the dispensing process), based on the previous action taken by the user. Toniq can now track when an item is eligible to be collected by a patient, as well as flag the item as collected. 

By default, Toniq will not track the collection status unless the feature is enabled in General Options.

To turn this on:

    7. Administration

    1. Setup

    5. General Options

    F11, F11, Tick Enable Rx item Collection Status Tracking

Once this option is ticked, all items are subsequently flagged as uncollected or collected except:

  •  Items put on hold
  •  Items where the supply amount is completely owed

The collection status of an item can be easily seen from an individual's history grid.

New function buttons have been created to flag medications as collected both individually and by day. Scanning the barcode of a prescription in Dispensary will automatically select all items on the receipt in the history grid which can then be set as collected:

Alternatively, for sites using Toniq Retail, any item with a completed tender will be flagged as collected. 

Note the “Send zero scripts to POS” and “Send owe supply to POS” options in Dispensary will need to be enabled for these items to be scanned out via Retail.

Institutions can be excluded from this process so that the dose packs (and associated medicines) are not inappropriately flagged as uncollected. An option on the institution is available to start tracking the collection status of scripts from patients in that institution:

Since uncollected items need to be excluded from claims, we have added an option to defer any item that is uncollected from an open claim: